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Brook Hill Estate supports the work for diversity and equal rights for all, regardless of gender, color, ethnicity and disability.  That’s why Brook Hill Estate has chosen to be a sponsor for Second Pride 2016.  More about Second Pride.

See Brook Hills stand at the Second Pride event regions.  Brook Hills Stand.


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As we wrap up the May & June Exhibition, it has been an honor and privilege to have been one of the exhibiting artist.

On June 26, 2016 at 2pm slt, the May & June Exhibition at Windlight Art Gallery will close. The closing event will feature live performer Caasi Ansar, details are below.

Source: Windlight Art Gallery May & June Exhibition Closing Event

Hey there everyone!  It’s that time once again!  So let’s start by marking the calendar for April 3rd for the Brook Hill Gallery Gala and Art Exhibition!

The new Brook Hill Gallery will house the amazing works of Kody Meyers!  Most will remember Kody as the winner of the Brook Hill Winter Secrets photo contest!  Well get ready to see more amazing work from this fabulous artist.
Kody’s work will be on display for the Month of April, so please come on down and enjoy the breath taking photography at his opening gala.

We will also have some wonderful music selections from the amazing DJ Joy Canadeo.  The gala is from 12PM SLT to 2PM SLT on April 3rd and the exhibit runs till April 30th 2016. Hope to see everyone there and to make sure no one gets lost….the limo will be at your disposal when you are ready!

Brook Hill Gallery Limo Service:

Brook Hill Gallery


Brook Hill Gallery Presents Kody Meyers

Make It Happen

Just a few random photos of me doing what i do.  So hopefully the pictures are worth a thousand words.

This is great! A place for nautical themed art / photography!



Thank you for your interest in applying for the RC Yacht Club Fellowship! This fellowship aims to highlight artists and photographers who love nautical themes and scenes in Second Life! RC Yacht Club is part of the Windlight venues. For more info about RC Yacht Club, please see the following page:

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As we draw near to the months end, so does the “Landscapes” exhibit at the lovely Bellefleurs. If you havent had the chance, there’s a little over a week left to pay a visit. The closing date is Monday February 29th 2016.

A big warm thank you to Bellefleurs for having me as a guest exhibitor, and to all who have stopped by showing your love and continued support.  Immensely appreciated and hope to see you at Bellefleurs!Rey Vlodovic Bellefleurs Exhibit, 1_26 Twist of Fate

A re-post of Inara Pey’s article on Holly Kai Art at the Park series. The second installation starts on Sunday, February 21st 2016, and runs through Sunday, April 10th.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

 Art at the Park, February – March 2016

The second ensemble exhibition in the Holly Kai Art at the Park series commences on Sunday, February 21st 2016, and runs through until Sunday, April 10th.

For this exhibition, we are both pleased and privileged to be featuring the work of five talented artists, who between them offer a rich diversity of art and styles. They are: Goodcross, Hana Hoo, Io Bechir, Sisse Singh and our 3D artist for this exhibition: Mistero Hifeng.

The exhibition will open with a special gala event at the Holly Kai Pavilion – see below for more details.

About the Artists


GoodcrossAnyone encountering images by Goodcross cannot help but be stunned by their richness of imagery and narrative. Covering a broad spectrum of landscapes, images of SL art, avatar studies, and composed pieces, his work is never anything like than utterly compelling.

I first encountered…

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